lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Challenge #2 - Manipulation


Hope you are enjoying your week! I will start making small challenges so you can win One pack if my exclusive resources, maybe daily or weekly, depends on how many participate. Is this fun for you??

Challenge #2 - Manipulation

Choose one of my  Model Stock  and one of my  Free PSD  to create a amazing photo manipulation!
You can use other resources in addition too, but this two main stocks have to be there :)

One from my models & One from my free PSD. You can also add a secondary model if you like, all is up to you :) Have fun with it!

DEADLINE: (will be extend depending on the entries)
Starts the 11th March - Ends the 11th April
At midnight according to the timezone of Paraguay, asuncion

The rules are simple:
-Has to be new. 3 entries per member.
-Use the stocks listed above & you can use other resources as you like from DA (no from outside). Credit all resources with a DIRECT link to them (not just profiles.
-Write in the description that was Made for this challenge. And has to be ONLY for this.
-Join My community to participate and fill the form :)


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